Software for the 4th edition of my textbook (to appear early 2019)

Docker image with chapter-by-chapter Jupyter notebooks (under development) (GitHub)
Docker image for optical/infrared image analysis (GitHub), see tutorial
Docker image for polarimetric SAR change detection (GitHub), see tutorial
Docker image for web-based interaction with the Google Earth Engine (GitHub)

Source code for change detection on the Google Earth Engine Code Editor:
git clone

ENVI/IDL and Python programs from the 3rd edition

Image Analysis, Classification and Change Detection in Remote Sensing,
with Algorithms for ENVI/IDL and Python, Third revised edition

Taylor & Francis, CRC Press 2014

Errata for the Third Revised Edition

Documentation (PDF) or IDLDOC
Scripts (GitHub)

Documentation (PDF)
Scripts (GitHub)

Coyote library (Website)

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