Mort Canty's Home Page

Dr. Mort Canty
Juelich, Germany





HU Berlin ENVI/IDL Course, June 14-17, 2010
ZFL Bonn Radiometric Normalization Course, March/April 2012
ZFL Bonn, ENVI/IDL Course, November, 2013.
FZJ Juelich, Statistics Course, February, 2014.
ZFL Bonn, Image analysis with Python, April, 2015.
ZFL Bonn, Multi-spectral and polarimetric SAR Image analysis, April, 2016.
FZJ Juelich, Statistics Course, November 2016.
ZFL Bonn, Python Scripting Course, April 2017.
ZFL Bonn, GEE Workshop, April 10/11 2018. (HTML Version),
ZFL Bonn, Machine Learning Workshop, March/April 2019.


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